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Not just books but DVDs and CDs as well!

And sometimes posters, electronics and more. But we’ve been posting a bunch of CDs and DVD lots recently, with the CD lots being particularly popular! We’ve had all sorts of world music, ’90s pop, adult contemporary, jazz, classical. Check out our CD / Tapes section on eBay for the full list, also included in that section are audiobooks on audio cassette and CD and old time radio classics collections. Looking for the Great Courses audio lectures on Shakespeare? Look no further!

Don’t forget to check out our DVD and VHS section. We’ve got a lot of documentaries, some kid’s movies, animated adventure, pseudo-science, science fiction, even a Chinese bootleg DVD of Madagascar! It really is surprising at what comes through the office. Anything and everything.

While I’m at it, check out our “Other” section. We’ve got some neat posters, as well as a Rhino Mark III XR-3-8286 Robotic Arm W/ Manual & Mark III 5481 Controller!

Seriously, you never know what we’ll have. I never know, and that’s half the fun of this job!

Happy Halloween!

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