Wenwu – Cultural Relics Back Issues

About a year ago, before I started working here, we got an enormous amount of art books and sundry from the Denver Art Museum. It seems we will be getting some more pretty soon. We haven’t NEARLY gotten through everything of their’s from last year, what with everything else, but there are some interesting finds.

Case in point: several boxes of Chinese archaeology journals. There are probably a couple hundred back issues of Wenwu – Cultural Relics, dating from the 1970s to 2003 (I just posted the most recent ones, 1999 – 2003). There are also maybe a couple dozen issues Kaogu. And some older ones from the 1950s that are entirely in Chinese so I don’t have a title for ya, and a couple dozen Acta Archaeologica Sinica... Unfortunately I don’t speak or read Chinese, neither am I an archaeologist. Neither are any of my coworkers. But it looks like fascinating stuff!

If anyone out there knows more, write in! We’re all curious people here and like to know and be able to appreciate what we have (and Google isn’t being too helpful
:o). It’ll take us a while to list all of them, even in large lots!


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