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Antiquarian Books Make The Day Go By Quicker

Time is relative. I have discovered on a few days that have slipped away quickly while leafing through old, musty tomes and researching what I could and then commenting to Joe how fast the day’s gone by. Every time he says “What?! The day’s gone by glacially!” (or something to that effect). If only I could have masses of old books to look through everyday. The days, weeks, years would just fly by!!

Hm. Maybe the odd spate of 40-50 boxes of useless paperbacks wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. The years are already flying by! I’m almost 30! Dear lord, I’m going to be OLD soon.

But at least I’ll have my books, and be surrounded by books at home and at work (for whether I work here forever or bounce around countless other jobs, it is likely they will all be book-related), and we can be old together.

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