Six Score & Six Everyman’s Library Books

That’s a lot of Everyman’s! 126, if you don’t want to do the math. Mostly in the same editions, 27 of those have dust jackets (pictured above)! Tons of literature, essays, biographies, plays and poetry. Boxes worth, in fact. This is the kind of thing it’s great to be able to offer that might be difficult/nigh impossible to find much anywhere else. This comes from working with basically estates. Sometimes it won’t just be one lifetime’s worth of books, but a family’s collection over the decades. The previous owner of these had been a professor who lived in Princeton, but taught at Trenton University back around the ’70s. Lots of philosophy, psychology, literature, poetry… lots of books about the BRAIN, and artificial intelligence! (Check our ebay store!) Surely, the dude must’ve had quite the brain if he read even a tenth of the books he owned. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

EVERYMAN’S LIBRARY Huge 126 Book lot! Vintage Hardcover 1930s


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