Current & Upcoming Rare Book Auctions

The best time to end an auction, I am told, is late Sunday evening. This means that they shall start on late Sunday evening as well. THIS Sunday evening, to be precise! We’ve recently acquired some interesting books. Actually some of those interesting books have already started and you can find them listed under our “Antiquarian & Collectible” category on eBay. UPDATE: All auctions are now live, re-listed every week until sold!

Here’s the two set to start on Sunday evening (9:45 pm MST):

Some of the other interesting old and/or rare ones that are currently live:

Again, check out our Antiquarian and Collectible section on eBay, there’s a lot more books and collections there, and no doubt a lot more to come! (NB: Since these are mostly weekly auctions, the above links may refer to an older listing that has ended. Fear not! We re-list regularly, just click on the link at the top of the auction page where it says something like “see re-listed item” until it gets to the latest listing.)

Or see below for a regularly updated RSS list of our antiquarian/collectible books:

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