Drowning in Easton Press

Boxes and boxes of beautiful Easton Press books! (of which the books picture above, the Famous Editions, are but a small selection). Besides the 23 Famous Editions (including Dracula, Emma, The Chimes, Don Juan, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Later Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and many more), there is The Library of Great Lives, The Library of the Presidents (just over 40 of them!), including a signed edition of Keeping Faith by Jimmy Carter, and a signed edition of A Time to Heal by Gerald Ford (both separately listed). And these are just the ones we have listed. Still to come are books from The 100 Great Greatest Books Ever Written collection, and The Leather Bound Library of American History. Well over a hundred books, still in at least very good+ condition, most look like new.

ebaystoreiconCick here to go to our store list of all the current available Easton Press we have listed.

Makes a change from heavily marked-up, water damaged textbooks and old book club novels, cook books and paperback romance. (Not that we don’t often get interesting books in the office–statistically speaking, it’s inevitable that SOME of the books are interesting and/or valuable–this was just all at once!)

Here’s what we have left:


Here are some of the features of your typical Easton Press book:

  • bound in fine genuine leather
  • 22kt gold-stamped spine accents
  • distinctive raised spine hubs
  • intricate gilt stamped cover designs
  • specially milled acid-neutral paper
  • Smyth-sewn pages
  • gilded page edges
  • endsheets of moiré silk
  • permanent satin ribbon page-marker

Pretty snazzy, right? And what they don’t mention is that they generally come packaged with blank bookplates and a separate page of notes about the book. Due to the ease with which these can fall out, not all of the book we list will have these. But a lot of them do, and I’ve seen on eBay people selling a bunch of Easton Press bookplates separately. In addition, some of the collections, especially the classic literature, are also fully illustrated, some with classic illustrations by the likes of Arthur Rackham and Sidney Paget, but mostly the illustrations were commissioned specifically for the Easton Press editions. These are, quite possibly, the definition of “shelf porn”. Just look at this shiny goodness:

Easton Press 22kt gilt page edges

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