The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud Standard Edition 24 Volumes

Just gonna take a moment to highlight another lot we put up on eBay. This particular set is from the estate of a retired psychologist/psychoanalyst, and over the past week we’ve looked over a couple dozen boxes of hundreds of old psychoanalyst books; lots of Freud (both Sigmund and Anna), D.W. Winnicott, Edward Glover, Erik Erikson, Loewenstein,… lots of child development psychoanalysis books, lots of general basic theories of psychoanalysis books, lots of “selected papers of…”. Some of the books had the doctor’s notes about his patients (even one describing some poor child’s dream). There was a letter, still in its opened envelope from 1954 from one doctor to another recommending anti-convulsive therapy for an epileptic patient. Not sure I wanna know what that entails (at least not back in the 1950s). Kind of randomly, there was an old Anna Freud paperback on childhood development that, when you opened it, was clearly not a book on childhood development. No. It was a Penthouse Forum. Freudian, or what? And why would the doctor have this?

There are so many really great books, though. Books in great condition, books psychoanalyzing art, everything you could possibly want to know about Freud, everything you could possibly want to know about a lot of psychoanalytic theory, either for historical or practical use. Probably the most fascinating and attractive set, and probably the one of most general interest, is the one pictured above, The Complete Works of Sigmund Freud 24 volume set, published in 1966.

We haven’t processed most of the psychoanalytic books to the point where they’re listed on eBay, but we will be! Check out our store and look around!

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