Strangest Book of the Week #1

A new recurring feature!

Each week we’ll pick the oddest, strangest, most peculiar, most amazingly dated, or just the most interesting book that we’ve come across that week. We’ll let you decide which one of those the current book is. This week the featured book is…

Blaze Starr, My Life as Told to Huey Perry

by Blaze Starr and Huey Perry, afterword by Blaze’s mother, Lora Fleming,1974, signed by Blaze Starr. ISBN: 978-0275199203.

…and we do currently have it listed on eBay!

Wikipedia’s synopsis of the lovely lady: Blaze Starr (born Fannie Belle Fleming, January 1, 1932) is an American former stripper and American burlesque star. Her vivacious presence and inventive use of stage props earned her the nickname “The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque”. She was also known for her affair with Louisiana governor Earl Long. The 1989 film Blaze (starring Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich) was based on her memoir.

I also found this auction on eBay for a very interesting hand-written letter from Blaze to “My Dear Friend”. She talks about her friendship with JFK and seeing Abe Lincoln’s ghost. Click here to see that auction.

To My Dear Friend,

Just a line to answer your letter. Oh yes there was a lot of things I didn’t tell in my book or the movie ‘Blaze.’ Jackie Kennedy was my idol. After Governor Earl Long passed away I renewed my friendship with then President J.F.K. I had known him since 1952. He was a regular on weekends, at a club I worked in D.C. C.B.S. newsman Paul Niven was a good friend of J.F.K. He would pick me up at my house in Maryland, about twenty minutes from D.C., and we would meet at Paul’s house in Georgetown. I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go. Jackie was away on a cruise. After about an hour, J.F.K. had to leave for a meeting. Paul was to come for me. I got dressed and was redoing my makeup, when I noticed a life size statue, (I thought) of Lincoln in a corner. He was wearing a tall black hat, a dark suit and a white shirt. Paul arrived and as I was leaving, I turned and jokingly said, thank you President Lincoln for use of your bedroom. There was nothing there. I froze in my tracks. Paul said lots of people have seen him there. Queen Nora once ran from that room in her panties, bra, and a towel. That was his ghost as sure as I live. Queen Nora never returned to that room again and neither did I. Maybe Old ‘Abe’ liked to watch…

Blaze Starr

Bonus! You made it to the end of the post! A classic clip from the 1950s… enjoy. (SFW)


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