Strangest Book of the Week #9

Wow. I haven’t featured a children’s book yet! There are some very strange vintage children’s books out there. And quite a large selection of strange new children’s books. Let’s face it – the genre is just prone to the peculiar. To our modern sensibilities (or at least to mine), the vintage moralistic picture books, or books with a “message”, are particularly strange. You really don’t need such an overt message; the message shouldn’t be the entire focus of the story. One problem I find with such books is that you’re meant to read something into them. The story may be simple, straightforward, and perfectly innocent, but the stated “message” just invites alternate readings… or deeper, unintended readings into the text. Not that it’s always worth the trouble to look. But I do wonder about this book.

The Pink Poodle

by Richard Pantale, illustrated by Virginia Schaffer, 1971.

All of the important bits are below. I’ll let you decide whether it lives up to to its message or not, or whether there’s more that could be read into it!

Update November 5, 2014: …and SOLD! to a good home where the book has special sentimental value. This is what I like about book selling – finding those books that no one else has (seriously, The Pink Poodle just isn’t listed for sale anywhere online) and finding those particular people to whom the book means something special. Very satisfying!


(A difference in culinary taste is grounds for rejection? ouch.)



  • I have been looking for this book for 44 years… Where can I PLEASE get a copy. It was my favorite book when I attended kindergarten.

    • Hi Angela! I believe we actually sold this copy because someone saw this post and said it was their favorite book growing up! It’s kinda fascinating that it appears to be such a scarce book. A publisher would do well to get the rights and reprint it! Currently I can only find one copy for sale online, the price of which might be a bit restrictive. The best site I use to find books is an aggregate site,, where it might be good to check every so often to see if there are more copies that come up for sale.

      If you’d like, we could purchase the book for you but we would ask an additional percentage for that service. One way or another, if you want to talk further you can email us at


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