20% Off eBay Book Lots

For the next few weeks we’re holding an exclusive offer to all our website-visitors, facebook and twitter followers. It’s a pretty good deal, even if I do say so myself. Our book lots tend to be darn good deals anyway! Currently there are nearly 300 books and book lots on sale.


 Make some Victorian kids smile.

(Yeah, I know. By this time they’ll be decaying corpses buried somewhere after long and fruitful lives. Or very short lives smothered through sweeping chimneys and malnutrition. But let’s not be morbid. Halloween’s not for another three weeks. If you’re so inclined, you can imagine them in heaven, after their long and fruitful lives, smiling down at you. It will please them to know we haven’t completely lost the taste for reading.)

P.S. Soon soon soon we shall also be doing FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE book drawings. So all you’ll have to do is follow us on Facebook and you’ll be entered!

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