Taos Pueblo by Ansel Adams

Last week saw an influx of nice, big art books. About 30 boxes worth, from the library of a retired lawyer. All of them in very nice condition, subjects ranging from Russian Expressionism to the art of the American southwest. We have put several on consignment, and some of those are very exciting. King of which must be the Ansel Adams book.

Taos Pueblo: photographs by Ansel Easton Adams and descriptions by Mary Austin.

Facsimile edition, 1977, of the book originally published in 1930. Limited edition of 950 of which this is #200. Signed by Ansel Adams. With woodcut decorations by classic illustrator Valenti Angelo.

This is an amazing book – for one thing, it’s enormous, for another, the photogravure prints are gorgeous! Go to the eBay auction listing for more photos and information:

From Wikipedia: With the cooperation of Adams, in 1977 the New York Graphic Society published a facsimile edition of the original, using gravure prints rather than original photographs. It was produced in a limited edition of 950 copies, each signed by Adams. In the afterward to that edition, photographic historian Weston Naef wrote:

“With Taos Pueblo we see a commitment to light and form as the essential building blocks of a picture. Every exposure was made in the most brilliant sunshine which in turn created deep shadows. Sunlight and shadow are at the same time the photographer’s friend and foe. Neither films nor papers can record the two extremes of bright sun and deep shadow equally well, and an unhappy tonal compromise is often the result. Rich shadow detail is here realized simultaneously with delicate highlights in a way that proves Adams’ native sense for the toughest technical problems of the medium, and how to solve them.”


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