The Amenities of Book Collecting, 1918

There’s a big local library book sale coming up in a couple weeks. Not really the place for us to go with an eye for reselling. People do, of course, they come with their scanners and painstakingly check I don’t know how many hundreds of books, finding what likely amounts to very little for their time and effort. So while it may not be worth to go in a professional capacity, personally I can’t stay away. I found a Modern Library edition of the following book last year; The Amenities of Book Collecting and Kindred Affections by A. Edward Newton, originally published in 1918. Make sure to click the button to go full-screen.

It may be nearly a century old, but the vagaries and strangeness of book collecting does not seem to have changed much. The biggest things that seem to have changed in that time have to do with type and quality of printing, increased mass production, and not least the advent of the enormous popularity of the paperback. I’d argue that these and other more modern issues only complicate collecting, regardless of how much more obscure information is instantly available.

Referenced in one of the initial chapters is the following volume, Ballads of Books as edited by Brander Matthews, 1888. For all you bibliophiles:

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