Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library Winter Booksale

Another big library book sale come and gone… The one at the Denver Public Library is actually not nearly as large as the one in Jefferson County. Go figure. I went last Thursday night and loaded up pretty quickly. I was compelled to return on Saturday morning and pick up another small handful. If I’ve got a couple of hours to spend sorting through books, I’ll take it. One of those books I found on Saturday was Medieval Rhetoric and Poetic by Charles Sears Baldwin. I know – sounds as dry as dust in the Saharan desert. But I was intrigued. Intrigued enough that I might have bought the book even if it hadn’t come from the library of the prominent 20th century philosopher Mortimer J. Adler.

And a bunch of other really neat books. The full list, in fact, is below. I ended up only buying 25 books. It felt like more, but when you’re carting around 30+ lbs of books in a cloth grocery bag, it starts to feel like much more. But I did limit myself to that one bag.

Library book sales  are always worth it, at least as a buyer. I’ve never gone to one with re-selling in mind – I think that would drive me nuts and take all the joy out of it!

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Medieval Rhetoric and Poetic

Below is the list of books I found. If you don’t see it, go here.

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