Strangest Book of the Week #14

S.S. Calvin Victory, 1945

This is a commemorative volume in appreciation of Mrs Helen McMeans work as a Red Cross nurse’s aide during the second world war, and as sponsor for the ship S.S. Calvin Victory.

Another volume that is not so much strange, as much as unique, personal, historical. Those most interested would likely be Helen McMeans descendants, or possibly connected in some way to the S.S. Calvin. Probably a pretty small demographic. “Victory ships were a type of cargo ship which were mass-produced in the United States during World War II” (wiki). The double-boxed collection contains letters to Mrs McMeans in appreciation, pamphlets about the ships, a certificate, and several photos nicely printed on high-quality paper, with several duplicates.

DSCN1713 (1218x1280)
DSCN1714 (1280x960)
DSCN1715 (1280x960)
DSCN1716 (960x1280)
DSCN1717 (1280x960)
DSCN1718 (1280x960)
DSCN1719 (1280x960)
DSCN1720 (960x1280)
DSCN1721 (1280x960)

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