Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

On Sunday I attended Amanda Palmer’s presentation and book signing for The Art of Asking at the Tattered Cover on Colfax in Denver, CO.

Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking

I got down there a little before 12:30pm, had lunch at Chipotle’s next door, then strode over and was miraculously able to find a seat only five rows in. Amanda’s first flight had been cancelled, so she didn’t arrive until maybe 2:15pm, so only 15 minutes or so late. She talked, played songs on her ukulele, read sections from the book until 3:45pm. At which point the signing started. At #181 in the signing line, it wasn’t until 6:15 that I was able to go down and actually wait in line, and 30 minutes before it was my turn. A minute later I high-tailed it outta there and got back home around 8:15pm.

Longer day than I thought it was going to be.

But so worth it.

If you know anything about Amanda Palmer, I can safely report that she is exactly what you’d expect. And probably more so. That is, if you expect her to be utterly sincere, enthusiastic, and more willing to connect with her fans than anybody. I mean, she built a blanket fort with blankets that people brought because she’d asked through facebook and twitter a few hours before the event, and signed books and gave cuddles in the blanket fort. What author, what musician, what… I mean, who does that?! What a crazy, lovely, ukulele lady! Her presentation at the Tattered Cover was much more informal, emotional, playful even, and definitely with more swearing than her TED talk (she asked the younger children in the crowd if they minded if she swore in front of their parents), but it covered most of the same points.

It’s really just who she is, and would be regardless if she were a rock star or not. Amanda’s popularity just enables her to share her boundless enthusiasm and affection with many more thousands of people than before. And that’s fantastic to watch.


Watch her TED talk, also titled “The Art of Asking”:

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