So Long, 2014, and Thanks for All The Books!

This year has zipped right along at a right ol’ regular pace, one minute after another. I’m not sure how many thousands of books have passed through my hands, to say nothing of everyone else’s! Our store inventory has grown, but certainly in the past month we’ve been doing some brisk business and slowly paring down to a slightly more manageable size (anyone have a warehouse we could use?). Feels nice to ship out a lot of single books, and a lot of big boxes of books, winging their ways to all the corners of the world.

Joe SpottsThis year saw the departure of the intrepid Joe Spotts, who has gone on to teaching science full-time at a new charter school in town. Sounds like a ton of work, and we wish him well!

The website itself is only a little more than a year old! I’ve enjoyed updating it, tweaking it, and generally doing my best to make it informative, entertaining, and useful. I’d love to further integrate our eBay store into the website, but we aren’t quite there yet. Since we’re located in Colorado, we can’t make use of Amazon’s associate program, which is a bit silly. I do remember Joe was particularly skeptical about what we’d post in the blog. As far as I’m concerned, we could post about pretty much anything, as long as it relates to some book! You want to talk computer games? How about video games based on books? the story and plot involved? and heck, there’s one college we buy-back books from that has a whole course on computer game design. The biggest hurdle to blogging is sitting down and writing the post.

Taos Pueblo by Ansel AdamsBack in October we received about a dozen boxes of really great art books, from someone who clearly traveled widely and seems to have bought many of the books at the museums. Several of the boxes were of Russian art, mostly published in Russia during the 1970s and 1980s. Those have sold well! I’m definitely keeping my eyes out for any more art books from Aurora Arts Publishers. Also, a lot of books on the art of the American Southwest, including a signed, limited edition, oversize volume of photos by Ansel Adams (Taos Pueblo – read more about it!). You can peruse our current selection of art books here.

The Pink Poodle sold! I featured that as one of our “strangest books of the week”, and was very pleased when a lady wrote in and ended up buying it as a birthday present for her sister, since it had been a childhood favorite. Score!

The Pink PoodleThe Scorpion God book sold! This was definitely one of our strangest books yet, and it actually didn’t take super long to sell. The buyer ordered it just in time for Christmas… although whether he celebrates Christmas is another matter entirely.

Let’s see… The Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair was awesome. Next year I’ll have to spend much more time wandering around looking at books and talking to all the booksellers.

Any bookish resolutions this year? Barnes & Noble has a good list of “31 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Nerds” from 31 different book nerds. My resolution boils down to just reading more, but some of these are pretty damn good, too! I like #25: “Reread all those books assigned in school and actually enjoy them and pay attention this time.”

Here’s looking to next year!

cheers! *clink*clink*

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