Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook, 1969

I do believe that I would have enjoyed growing up in the 1960s. More so, at any rate, than the 1990s, especially if Arlo Guthrie and Alice May Brock are anything to go by. They both look kinda super adorable. Arlo Guthrie is, of course, the son of the legendary Woody Guthrie (whose full name, I’ve only just discovered, was Woodrow Wilson Guthrie! but you probably knew that already…). And Arlo Guthrie is most known for his story/song “Alice’s Restaurant”, which was also then made into a film in 1969. You can listen to the original recording of the song below:

…and did you know they also made an official COOKBOOK?! I certainly didn’t until it showed up in the office. The recipes look pretty good, straightforward, and Alice’s style looks super approachable even for a complete novice like myself. As you can see in the photos below, there’s a section on “Improvising and Making Do; Faking It”. Also, the photos and illustrations are great – a lot better than most cookbooks from the 1960s! You can find it available through Amazon (we sell on Amazon as txtseasy) SOLD! Feb 2, 2015. It appears she wrote a follow-up in 1976, My Life As A Restaurant. These are cookbooks I wouldn’t mind having in my collection.


(this image isn’t from the book, but rather from the film… just so you can see the adorableness of Arlo…:o)

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