Strangest Book of the Week #18

“For entertainment purposes only.” So sayeth they. These types of books tend to confuse my more-literal mind. On the back it says “The author doesn’t pull punches and, when armed with this book, neither will you. Remember this though: Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks is for entertainment purposes only!” Totally contradictory. Full of detailed descriptions of ways to be a total troll, it then tells you not to do them… not just because they’re mean and unethical, but also because many of them are illegal! It’s a bit like The Anarchist’s Cookbook, or MIT’s Guide to Lock Picking. Score one for free speech, though.

Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks

by George Hayduke, 1980. Lyle Stuart Publishing, Paladin Press. ISBN: 0818403144

Among the photos below, there’s a dirty trick involving books. And one for use in movie theaters which I actually kinda like. Worth repeating: not for actual use. Unless, that is, you’re using it in your novel. If one of your characters needs to exact revenge, you’ll get more than a few ideas from this book!

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