Too Many Strange Books

For the past two weeks, and for at least one more, we’ve been emptying the library of a local technical college. From now on they will be digital-only, with print-on-demand copies available for cheap.

So that left approximately a dozen truck-loads of books for us to box up and cart over to the office. As with many quantity of books, there are tons that really have no value, and we don’t exactly have a warehouse to fill, so they go to a recycler who turns them into wall insulation (your walls could be filled with ex-books!). There are several book buy-back companies that we also sell too, so we’ve been filling lots of 35+lb boxes to go to those places every day. After that, some are listed on Amazon, and a bunch are put in our eBay backstock to eventually be processed by subject and put into lots for sale in our eBay store.

…if anyone was curious about our process.

Coming from a technical college library, there are tons of technology and computer related books (the kind of books that become dated faster than The Flash or indeed, Adobe Flash). There are quite a few books about the future, the internet and how it affects our culture – many pre-dating Facebook and Youtube.

But there are also some literature, science fiction, books about books, English language and grammar, space exploration, popular science (so many neat popular science), Albert Einstein, art and design, sculpture, architecture, climate change, immigration, black history, contemporary biographies of musicians, teaching, cloning, bio-technology and more…

The following are some of the strangest/most intriguing highlights:

  • The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure by Joseph C. Jenkins, 2005
  • Retro Gaming Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Playing the Classics by Chris Kohler, O’Reilly 2006
  • Strange Angel – The Otherwordly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons by George Pendel, 2005
  • On to Mars – Colonizing a New World, edited by Dr. Robert Zubrin, 2002
  • The Bombast Transcripts: Rants and Screeds of Rageboy by Christopher Locke, 2001
  • Archaic Bookkeeping – Writing and Techniques of Economic Administration in the Ancient Near East by Hans J. Nissen et al, 1993

…and like I said on Facebook shortly after we started this process:

and like so:


Basically, oy.

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