Mastering the Art of French Cooking

This culinary classic was brought in by a guy who found the book at a thrift store. And while it isn’t a first edition/first printing, it is a first edition/second printing (stated publishing date of Oct 1961), which is absolutely worth the $2 he paid for it. Mastering The Art of French Cooking – The Only Cookbook That Explains How to Create Authentic French Dishes in American Kitchens Using American Foods by Simone Beck, Louissette Bertholle, and Julia Child. Its not often I get excited over a cookbook!

One detail that changed in late printings and editions was the order of the names – Julia Child’s name appears first in subsequent printings rather than last. I’ve heard that she was relegated to the bottom because the other two French cooks were disdainful of this American woman, but then again the authors could just have been listed alphabetically by last name until the publishers decided that actually Julia deserved more credit and/or was more popular anyway. I’m not sure. Certainly these days her name would be in big bold lettering and the other two authors would probably get near-invisible little honorable mentions underneath. Silly marketing.


Not everyone is so impressed with the book, 50-some odd years later. Regina Schrambling certainly isn’t! But it must’ve had something going for it, and you can make up your own mind. Looks like there’s a wealth of information, and a wealth of tasty meals :o). The condition of this one is great, includes the dust jacket which is also in pretty amazing condition. Clean and unmarked. Have some photos:



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