Mining, Tunneling, Excavating

Back in May we received a bunch of new and like new technical books on mining. And another couple of boxes came in last week! A niche subject, for sure, but if you’re in the business and in need of any of these books, we’ve got them. And we do combine shipping where possible. Most of these are 2012 or 2013 editions.

I can imagine my five year old nephew growing up to work in this business: mining, excavating, tunneling, engineering… it’s all here (Mattheus already does these things, but on a much smaller scale :o). Of course by the time you’re looking at this post, some of the books we’ve listed on Amazon may have sold. Not many people are selling these books, and we make sure to have the best prices. As a reminder, we sell under the name “txtseasy / Tom The Book Guy” on Amazon.

Visit our Amazon store page and search for “mining” to see what we currently have available.

…and there you have it. From the same source, we received several MGMA books (Medical Group Management Association). I might do a separate, similar post with those, but the covers all look extremely similar. If you’re looking for MGMA publications, search our Amazon store for “mgma” to see what we currently have available.

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