Let’s have a happy and productive new year, shall we?

Whatever sort of celebration you held this year, I hope it was filled with goodness and warmth. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere lounging at the beach sipping a mai tai, in which case, nuts to you.

I had hoped, along with presumably everybody, that 2015 would be less crazy than 2014. NOT SO. In fact, I was proven wrong within the first week. oy. And 2016 is an election year – with these candidates. OY. Come on now, man!

With all this foreknowledge of crazy drama, let’s all try to balance it with some love and kindness, which never goes amiss even in the most peaceful of times. I might be biased, but if everyone could just read a book or two whenever they start feeling stressed or frustrated, the world would be much better for it. Doesn’t have to be a Nicholas Sparks or anything particularly uplifting. Just something you can get lost in for a while.

If you want, I’d be happy to give you some suggestions! I can’t promise they’ll be perfect suggestions, but they might move you to find pick up something else. You can reply here, or go to our facebook page, which I’d probably respond to quicker. And if you want to look around for yourself, you are welcome to peruse our eBay store, where you can pick up a pile of books in one fell swoop! Or your local library. I won’t stop you patronizing your local library.

Anyway, have a happy, prosperous, productive new year! Read and be merry, is my motto. That’s “Legere et accumbe in jucunditate” according to Google translate.

image: J.C. Leyendecker, for the 1939 Saturday Evening Post.

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