Single Books on eBay

As an experiment, we’ve started listing single books on eBay, usually for $5-$10 with free shipping, focusing on popular contemporary books. The idea, more than anything else, is to drag more people into the vortex that is our eBay store!! What I like having is the variety – lots of new books, old books, singly and together (or “curated” as I like to think of it), affordable as well as expensive. These single books are, and will be, at least in very good condition, with some that look hot off the press. I have started listing some slightly more obscure books singly because they are in new or like new condition, and don’t easily fit into a more general book lot.

Always nice to see a book sell within 10 minutes of listing it, which just this moment happened with Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. As of writing, all the books in the photo above, plus a bunch of others, are available.

Below are our lowest-priced listings currently on eBay, in which the $5 books should predominate. Or you can go directly to the store page on eBay.


…at the moment, the other reason I like posting the single books is because I cracked my left elbow a couple weeks ago (stupid invisible ice). Didn’t have to get a cast, only had the splint up until a few days ago. Should be healing fine, but I don’t really want to be hefting 30-40 lb boxes of books for another few weeks. Give me the trade paperbacks. I can deal with those!

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