Do You Hear It..? The Drums of War are Sounding!

Greetings fellow book enthusiasts and smart people! My name is Mike Kenney and i have recently returned to working for Tom after a couple of years absence. In my time away i jumped through hoops and ran up debt, but i am now a certified know it all! (college graduate). I recently received my degree in History and have decided to put all that good schoolin’ to use…, by putting together and selling awesome history book lots to you wonderful people!

In our office is a back room. In that room there is a bunch of boxes. In those boxes are a boatload of history books. Actually the above describes every room in our office, but that’s not the point. The point is we have a whole room full of back stocked books that have been, literally, sitting there since i left a couple of years ago. But no more! The past week has been spent listing book lots on our E-Bay store. These lots cover everyone favorite subject, WAR! The book lots typically consist of 4-8ish books on a similar topic.

Curious about the Nazis or Soviets? We have you covered. Want to know about the Japanese Empire or the dropping of the atomic bomb? No problem. We currently have a really strong World War Two section up with tons of different interesting subjects, such as: spycraft & espionage, Hitler and the Nazi’s, Stalin and the Soviets, Military leaders and commanders, Political leaders, Pacific theater, Battle of Britain, The Holocaust and other war crimes, the home fronts, resistance movements, growing up under Hitler, the atomic bomb and much more that i cant think of off the top of my head.

We also have a strong American Civil War section at the moment. It includes books lots about the Confederacy, Military leaders, Political leaders, battle field guides with maps, the freeing of the slaves, artwork, diaries and memoirs and more.

Want to know about World War One or Vietnam? I got just the thing for you; book lots about both! How about the current Middle East and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yep i have book lots about that too. Now i would be remiss if i didn’t mention the Napoleonic Wars and the American Revolutionary War. You guessed it, i have books about those wars too.

Did i fail to mention the conflict that you are interesting in studying? Well feel free to drop me a line of inquiry about our current stock. Its very possible i could craft a custom book lot about your particular historical query.


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