British History

A new chapter in British history is currently being decided with the Brexit vote. Personally, I’m all for unity and inclusivity and believe that we’re all better if we work together, so I hope they stay in the EU. But I live all the way across the pond so I don’t really get much say. One way or the other let’s hope it works out for the best!

British history is long, fascinating, and kinda nuts. Part of my fascination with modern Britain is the huge diversity, not just in ethnicity, but in things like dialect, the (hopefully dying) class system, and political opinion. Even language! Welsh is a bizarre and beautiful language (there’s one website that offers fun, free language audio lessons in North and South Welsh!). Along with all the Gaelic languages. Not everybody’s crazy posh or crazy funny like we might believe watching their exported TV shows. The Victorian era was not actually steampunk, with clockwork automata walking the streets and airships sailing the skies. There was nothing romantic or cute about chimney sweeps. London does not make up two-thirds of England, just as New York does not make up two-thirds of North America. If an alien only knew us from our media, they may very well think they do!

Of course, a lot of the British history books we get in are on the Second World War, with focus on Winston Churchill and the Blitz. But the scope of British history harks back before the Romans, back to the Druids and Stonehenge and beyond and includes all kinds of innovation, intrigue and insane monarchs and back-stabbing, as well as gorgeous art, culture, and enduring literature.

To help you brush up on your British history, we’ve put together some books lots on eBay, with more along the way. If the links are out-dated, you can always see a list of everything Britain-related currently available in our eBay store. This is some of what we have at the time of writing:

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Should get you started!

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