DiNK! Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo

This post is super-incredibly late, I know. I have been known to procrastinate. BUT! This event was just too cool – so better to write about it late than not at all.

On Friday, March 25th, and the ensuing Saturday, was held the first annual Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo, or DiNK for short. It has been accurately described as a “boutique comics convention”.

It was awesome. The event was held downtown Denver in the Sherman St. Event Center (a Shriner building constructed in 1907). Beautiful old building. I went to this event rather than AnomalyCon, but the steampunk nature of that convention would’ve fit this building very well, too! AnomalyCon has probably become a little too big for the space, though – they currently hold their’s at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center.

 No costumes. No big celebrity appearances – no actors, no flash, no gimmick. There were maybe two or three comics stores with booths, selling back issues and toys, but on the whole the event was centered on the CREATORS: the writers, the artists, the independent publishers.

There may not have been any celebrities present, but there were a few legends, a few artistic geniuses. Some of the guys who got started in the hey-day of underground comix during the late 1970s.

Guests included:

  • Denis Kitchen, legendary comics artist and founder of The Kitchen Sink Press, and was one of the driving forces behind The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
  • Noah van Sciver, who started as a Denver local with comics appearing in The Westword magazine.
  • Ed Piskor, of Hip Hop Family Tree.
  • Simon Hanselmann, of Megg, Mogg and Owl infamy, and his wife, representing Fantagraphics Books.
  • …and a whole bevy of artists, animators, zine creators, storyboard artists, and writers.

It was noted by some of the older creators that this convention is what they consider a “real” convention, much like back in the late 1970s and 1980s. I can see the appeal.

You should totally look into it next year.


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