Online Bookbinding Tutorials

Bookbinding is a very appealing craft. There is, at base, the very mechanical nature of it: you can follow such and such steps, and at the end, if you’ve followed the instructions carefully and neatly, you’ll have a perfectly practical little book. There are a lot of technical terms and specific tools that bookbinders use, but to create a simple sketchbook only requires folding paper and stapling the crease, right? Easy. You whip a heavier weight paper on the outside, and bam: You’ve got a booklet.

Within the constraints of the book form, there is possibility for endless creativity, both decorative and technical. You can learn how to make a simple book in a day, but you could also spend a life time learning techniques and styles. I am a fairly capable, if limited, amateur bookbinder. Trust me, it is a very satisfying thing to finish binding a book.

Sea Lemon makes fun, straightforward videos that are perfect for someone just starting out. There are hundreds of videos about bookbinding on youtube. Beginner, advanced, traditional methods, gazillions of different stitching techniques, and videos about the history and equipment of printing and binding books. I imagine you could also find tutorials on book repair, which is almost another art entirely!

DIY Bookbinding Methods & Stitches by Sea Lemon:

DIY Bookmaking Projects by Sea Lemon:

My Books With Tutorials by Crafty Loops:

And here’s an old TV program from 1995 about the printing techniques of the 19th century:


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