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This Day in History June 3th – 1916 U.S. President Wilson Passes National Defense Act

Hello book fans and smart people. Mike here, with my first post of a new “this day in history” series ill be running here on the blog. I mentioned in my last post recently graduated college with a history degree, and for that degree i chose to do a senior thesis project on World War One. Today’s post is inspired by that project.

World War One changed the world so fundamentally that its difficult to even image what it was like before it happened. Everyday things like daylight savings time, pantyhose, tea bags, wrist watches, plastic surgery and even condoms are by products of the Great War. But beyond the inventions and technology, the war also transformed the states that participated. And none more than the United States of America.

One hundred years ago today, President Wilson signed into law the National Defense Act. The Act allowed the formation of a permanent standing army and created the ROTC (reserve officer training corps) program to train the future generations of American officers in American schools. This move allowed the United States to prepare to enter World War One, after Wilson ran his reelection campaign on the phrase “he kept us out of the war”.

Wilson had already signed off on the Federal Reserve Act in late 1913, which created the most powerful privately owned central bank in the world, The Federal Reserve System, which conveniently, financed the slaughter in Europe that took place less than a year after its creation. The Great War could not have been fought to such a scale without the Federal Reserve and its ability to create limitless credit.

To go along with the Federal Reserve’s birth was the IRS and the income tax. Both technically illegal under the original constitution. According to the very first articles “only congress has authority to issue money and regulate the value thereof, and all taxes must be apportioned”.

Wilson would go on to entered the United States into the war in 1917, claiming to “make the world safe for democracy” even though America was never threatened by the European conflict. It marked the end of traditional American neutrality to European conflicts. Americans were not in-favor of the war and protested in earnest, leading to the creation of the Sedition Acts, the Espionage Act, and the Trading with the Enemy Act. These dubious acts of ‘law’ eviscerated freedom of  speech and are still around today; granting the government the authority to declare its own citizens enemies of the state.

So within a few short years America was transformed from a neutral republic, with a small militia style standing army purely for defense, into something different. All of a sudden the government had a magic piggy bank that could create limitless money, it had powerfully coercive “laws” to control its citizenry, and a massive and powerful standing army. The stage was set for the American century and a new superpower was born.

For your reading pleasure I’ve created a book lot on this topic. It includes a lot of information about this topic. Including political philosophy, history, and the current state of the county from this perspective. If you want to know more or have any questions, please let me know. I love to talk about this topic, and have other potential books if there is interest.


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