This Day in History: July 1st 1863, Battle of Gettysburg Begins

Today, 153 years ago, the most epic battle in American History began; Gettysburg, Pa. It would rage for three days and in the end over 50,000 men would lay dead or wounded from the carnage. Gettysburg was the undoubted the turning point in the American Civil War, and the Unions greatest victory in the conflict.

What started as a simple skirmish on the road to Harrisburg would end up sucking in army after army into an unplanned epic confrontation, which saw Southern forces attack well defended high-grounds, culminating with the destruction of Lee’s invasion force.  The Southern armies would never be the same after Gettysburg, and the South never again regained the initiative. Lincoln would travel to the fame battlefield in November of 1863 and deliver his timeless Gettysburg Address, proclaiming the freedom of Southern Slaves.

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