This Day in History August 2nd 1933 Hitler Becomes the Fuhrer of Germany

Hello you beautiful and intelligent people out there. I have today one of the darkest moments in the 20th Century, the day when Hitler ascended to dictatorial power. On August 2nd 1933 President Hindenburg passed away and Hitler combined the office of president with that of the chancellor, becoming the Fuhrer of the German people. It It marked the death of the Weimar Republic and the birth of the Third Reich.

By combining the presidency with the chancellorship, Hitler created the Fuhrer principle. The Fuhrer stood above all checks and balances and wielded absolute dictatorial power. Sovereignty flowed down from the Fuhrer, not upwards from the people. The Fuhrer was supposed to represent all the hopes and ambitions of the German people, as well as being their voice. Hitler was Germany, and Germany was Hitler.

Almost immediately after rising to the office of Fuhrer, Hitler began his preparations for future aggression, and systemically Nazified the entire society in a process called gleichschaltung or “coordination”. Gleichschaltung sought to organize the entire nation into a Nazi image and saw the Nazi party take over everything from chess clubs to churches.

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