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Hi! I’m Tom.

I’ve been working with books for over 20 years and have built a small business that has employed mothers, teachers, students, book lovers.

Our hard work and effort keep our business afloat, and we’re proud of the work we do to help local people and institutions. If you have books lying around, and want to turn them into money, or just give them another chance to be read, give us a call.

For a small fee I will pick up your books, or you can drop them off (please call ahead: 303-522-5214). No amount too small or too large to be considered, just call ahead and we’ll see what we can do! This also goes for you students wanting to get rid of your textbooks!

Check out our eBay store and our books listed on Amazon for all the books we are currently selling. There’s something for everyone with 600-800 listings at any given time covering an incredibly wide range of books for every taste, occasion and/or inclination!

“I highly recommend Tom Glazier, otherwise known as Tom the Book Guy, for the services he offers in helping with book collections.

In November 2013, he helped me clear out a storage locker of over 120 boxes of books from my father-in-law. He was easy to work with, prompt and courteous. He communicated well with me, and I could trust him to work well on his own so I didn’t have to monitor him. He was efficient and honest. He found a home for the books he couldn’t sell, even recycling the books that were too deteriorated for the market. He has reasonable prices for his services, but what is priceless is the peace of mind he brought in handling such a large book collection. I recommend him without any hesitation.”

– Shoshana Shapiro Adler, Ph.D.


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