Do you have old books lying around and want to know if they’re worth something? Bring them to us!

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We have been working with books for over 20 years, and have become experts at selling everything from antique classics to modern textbooks. We inspect each book and research the edition, author and printing to find the most value. Just call us at (303) 756-2665. We’ll even come to your house and pick them up for a small fee, or you can drop them off at our office and we’ll appraise them for free!

If you want to sell the books we can consign them for you, or if you’d like to sell them immediately we can offer you cash right after a short proccessing period. Typically we only consign books with an estimated value of $100 or more but will buy outright any book that has value.

Whether you have a basement full of old books or a few precious gems, we’ll carefully examine all the options and offer fair prices for them. If some of your books don’t have value, we provide services to donate them or, as a last resort, recycle them.


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