We work with several charities to help children, soldiers and local communities.


  • Operation Paperback provides troops with much needed entertainment by sending them reading material.
  • Literacy for All Children is a small non-profit that has donated over 176,000 books to small schools in Colorado Springs, and under-privileged chidlrens.
  • Bridge to Asia is an organization that sends books to China as “there is a population explosion of students, a shortfall of faculty, and a scarcity of books and journals from the West.”

We donate time, money, and books to local schools in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs including Thomas Jefferson High School, The Denver Waldorf School and Foothill Elementary School. Also Everest and Westwood Colleges and Concord.

In addition we try to keep the book business as green as possible and never throw books away. If we can’t find any home for them, they will be recycled.

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