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Schools, colleges, universities, faculty and students can benefit from Text Resources’ replete buyback services. Let us provide you a purchase quote generated from our team’s rare cross section of databases, yielding the best streamline of your campus’s materials. We capitalize, track and apply all publishing details, finding homes for all diverse books as needed.

We can assist your college and libraries’ breadth, quality and streamline of materials, help with cyclical updates, populate new collections and clear out dated, antiquated and obsolete ones.

Text Resources advantages include:

  • Our use of 3 different digital scanners to optimize operations and synthesize results, transactions and follow up.
  • A minimum of 4 different national guides/databases active during appraisals (updated daily, weekly, bi weekly and monthly, respectively) for the fullest balance of demand and market endurance, best price for each book, widest number of titles/quantities and broadest conditions (e.g. new & used books, with/without DVDs, CD ROM, supplements, etc.) for max. # of books sold & revenue yield.
  • For group buybacks, we provide all fliers and promotional materials prior to scheduled dates with detailed succinct guidelines.
  • For Bookstores and Resource Centers, your preferred method of payment; for students and faculty in group settings, cash distributions or for bulk purchased, preferred method of payment incl. Direct Deposit bank wire.
  • Same Day Pre-Paid shipping services so purchased books are cleared promptly from the University’s buildings, all with organized, professional loading.
  • Our purchase of faculty books, overstocked and unwanted inventory from Bookstores and Resource Centers, offices, storage areas and all other residuals.
  • Our friendly, personal service and 1 ~ 1 attention suiting each individual and group.
  • Round up totals whenever possible to increase payouts.
  • Conducive times with all participants on or off campus for intro.’s, to price and to purchase the books on hand as suits each seller, to assure full yield of value, book condition, location and logistics.

Thank you for considering our services!

Ira Caplan - Text Resources

Ira Caplan, Director of Operations & Purchasing

Text Resources – Pittsburgh, PA  * Denver, CO * Miami, FL * Los Angeles, CA

412-980-6219 (Office/Studio/Mobile) – Goodtrades101@gmail.com