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We are an online bookstore, selling on eBay and Amazon, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Initially, we started out buying and selling used textbooks (see our store on, and have since branched out into selling curated book lots, as well as rare and collectible books, on eBay. The books we list on eBay come from both estates and private individuals, providing us with a diverse and always interesting selection. There are books to pique a multitude of interests.

Read more about us and what we do. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help! Our goal is to find good homes for all our books, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Make sure to check out our blog, and connect with us on facebook, pinterest and twitter @TomTheBookGuy. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Reflections on owning a Kindle - This is a post that got unintentionally buried and never published. I pretty much finished it back in March 2015, but it has sat in drafts since. A few things have changed in the past 2.5 years, so I’ll be replying to myself and supplying fresh observations below, in italics, and trying to limit editing […]
  • Tour of Mile High Comics – Largest purveyor of comics in the world! - Last week Tom, Mike, and I traveled up to the main location of Mile High Comics – a warehouse located at 46th and Jason St, in Denver, CO. It is the largest repository of comics in the world, and unfortunately I forget the estimated number of comics – but I’m pretty sure it was in […]
  • Strangest Book of the Week #23 – OSS Sabotage & Demolition Manual - Declassified spy guide originally compiled during the second world war… OSS Sabotage & Demolition Manual Paladin Press. No date given, Amazon lists a publication date of 1973. The auction ends in two days, August 3rd, and while there are currently no bidders, there are a handful of watchers… Find it here. I had been aware […]
  • The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Favorite Books - Guest post today from Larry Mager, from over at He was kind enough to contact us and offer to write up this handy guide on how to keep your books in great condition. I absolutely advocate these measures for the books you wish to hold onto, be they rare and collectible or your favorite […]
  • Book Buying at Library Book Sales; Some Rules - One thing to get out of the way – I don’t use a scanner when I’m at a library book sale, or thrift stores, or estates. It’s not worth my time, and more importantly it’s just not fun! In my experience the internet connections are pretty iffy, anyway. This method of book-flipping is not for […]
  • Strangest Book of the Week #22 – Clinical Symposia, 1962: Survival in Nuclear Warfare - My own TL;DR: Don’t expect to. Good god. But back in 1962, it was a much more pressing fear, and this kind of research could potentially  have needed to be put to use at a moment’s notice. Puts our current worries in perspective, doesn’t it? …not that nuclear warfare is impossible these days. Anyway. Clinical Symposia […]

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